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Buying & Selling Tapping Out of Timeshares When you finally decide to get rid of your timeshare, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not as straightforward as you’d hope. It can be complicated enough that there are scam companies that supposedly specialize in helping people get out of timeshares. Rather than taking the risk of dealing with a scammer, here are two ways […]
Buying & Selling What’s in a Name? There are differences between Realtor®, agent, and broker. Even though a lot of times they’re used interchangeably, they’re not the same. Here’s an easy-to-consume guide for what the differences are. Real Estate Agent Real estate agent is the most straightforward category to define. They are individuals who are licensed to help people buy, sell and […]
Buying & Selling Why You Should Hire an Agent We’re possibly a little bit biased, but hiring a real estate agent is imperative when venturing into a real estate transaction—they’re professionals wearing many hats. Some people have strong views about real estate agents, and they’re not necessarily positive. It’s understandable! When someone has a particularly negative encounter they tend to circle the wagons and […]
Buying & Selling What You Should Ask When Interviewing a Potential Agent It can be a little bit daunting to start your real estate journey. You’re dealing with the most valuable asset most people have — your home! Whether you’re buying for the first time, selling a home you’ve had for years, or searching for an investment property, it’s important to find a real estate agent who […]
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